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Safely Back Home Enrollment Form

Thank you for taking the initiative to be a part of the Safely Back Home Program

Safely Back Home™ is an innovative program that provides additional peace of mind to families and caregivers of people who wander. The Safely Back Home™ patent-pending process uses ID information imprinted on personal garments to help the public and the police assist an individual who has become lost.

The Safely Back Home™ Program was developed in response to a need to provide assistance to individuals who are incapable of providing identifying information in situations where they become lost.

When an individual who wanders and appears lost is wearing a Safely Back Home™ imprinted garment, the concerned person who notices them can quickly contact HPD with location details and a rescue ensues.

The Safely Back Home™ program enables police and first responders to understand how to communicate effectively with your family member, allowing your family member to remain calm during their rescue.

Families/Caregivers provide medical and personal information about the family member. All information remains confidential and privacy protected. Wherever your family member is wandering (in NJ/USA) – police departments are able to electronically share this information in coordinating the rescue.